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EXIF Panel do not cause any trouble of this type. If you're annoyed by the only panel at left, you can move EXIF Panel to the right panels column by dragging it here.

The problem related entirely to Folders panel: in some very rare cases if one open files from very deep folder (e.g. by folder drag, or by Open Folder command, or folder stored in recent history, so not by folder-by-folder navigatiion in Folders panel), the program is unable to read upper folders structure to display folders tree in Folders panel. This mostly happens on Macs with non-standard storage (large NAS, large RAID arrays). Looks like large storage is not fast enough to build folders tree on fly.

Only several users (out of thousands) are affected by the problem. Disabling Folders Panel should completely fix it, so we've added tunable ('DisableFoldersOnStart) to not fix the problem, but avoid it,

We're still unable to persistently reproduce this crash in our test envinroment, so less disturbing problem fix is still on the way.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team