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Thank you for clarifying my misunderstandings. So I was conflating photographic dynamic range with an EV number spread? Or engineering dynamic range vs scene dynamic range?
I think I was confused in the workflow tutorial video where it stated, "we know that the higer the ISO, the narrower the dynamic range",  then went on to clarify how to adjust the underexposure indication in FRV, i.e., Preferences / "underexposure detection below sensor saturation", and set that to an EV number less than the default 8. So initially I was wondering by how much I needed to vary that for different high ISOs, 1600 up to 6400.

You wrote:
"Nikon D600 is fairly iso-less camara, meaning engineering dynamic range is decreased close to 1 stop for each increase of ISO by 1 stop."

Thank you. So at what ISO should I begin decreasing the underexposure preference in FRV from the default 8 for each ISO stop increase? ISO 800? Or should I work from the 5.5 number given in the tutorial for ISO 3200 and adjust up or down accordingly?
Thank you kindly for your very helpful advice on how I should best approach my specific shooting situation. :)