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HowTo? Edit an OP or reply to have spaces between paragraphs in lines?
I only use the LibRaw forums infrequently, so making posts is always a re-learning experience. For several of my posts (including the one to which I hope I'm reply'ing to), I should have used Preview and realized that one CR/LF between paragraphs results in paragraphs having no blank line between them. 
I tend to assume (ASS-U-ME) that Edit will be available, so I "draft and save", rather than use Preview. Obviously, operator error on my part.
It also doesn't seem possible to delete a post. That would allow me to "realize the error of my ways", and use ^C Copy, delete, and start over but putting in what seem to be extra line breaks. And a reminder to use "Preview" ... again, this is PEBKAC on my part.