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Dear Sir:

Dynamic range (or DR) currently does not have any useful photographic definition. For example, in practice it depends on what are the light sources, and wahat is the print/display size.

Nikon D600 is fairly iso-less camara, meaning engineering dynamic range is decreased close to 1 stop for each increase of ISO by 1 stop.

First thing to know is the level of incident light. You can either use a suitable hand-held meter, or spot-meter with your camera drom a grey card. The result will be the basis for determining the ISO settings range.

If preserving the highlights is important, you will be best off spot-metering from those important highlights and setting the camera to +3 EV.

Colour tints in shadows sometimes can be diminished by using a deep hood on the lens, getting rid of "protection" filters, clearning the camera chamber to reduce flare, and even by trying a different lens.