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Dear Sir:

with default settings (Adobe Hidden exposure: On, Exposure correction on file open: No correction), the image is displayed with

  - hidden exposure correction applied

  - 0.00EV displayed as 'exposure correction' value.

This is compatible with Adobe programs (Lr, Camera Raw).

If you change exposure correction in FRV, the adjusted value is stored in XMP file in two fields:

  • libraw:Exposure for FRV
  • crs:Exposure for Adobe tools

These values are different by 'Hidden Exposure shift' value.

When you open file by FRV for the next time, libraw:exposure value will be used.


 - if you've not adjusted file Exposure Correction, then checking/uncheking Adobe Hidden Exposure checkbox will change brighness (because 'zero' is different)

- if exposure correction for image was changed (and stored in XMP), the brightness will not change when you check/uncheck the setting, but exposure correction value in program bottom line will be changed.

This is not 'intuitive', but Adobe's way is counter-intuitive, and there is no easy way to deal with it: the image in FRV should have same brighness as in most commonly used (Adobe) tools with zero exposure correction displayed.

Exposure evaluation: Exposure stats panel and OE display (with or without extra correction in mind) do the job well.




Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team