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To add image size and zoom ratio on bottom bar go to Menu - File - Customize bottom bar and add 'Current image size' and 'Zoom ratio and zoom buttons' to 'always' or 'if fits' column. These controls/displays are turned off by default because not all users use display wide enough to fit all possible data.

On Mac you may also uncheck Menu - FastRawViewer - Preferences - Zoom - 'use logical pixels for zoom calculation; This settings affects only zoom value displayed.

FastRawViewer uses fastest possible demosaic method, this method is not as sharp as best possible (but slow) demosaics used in full-scale raw converters (e.g. Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom). Also, all raw converters apply some sharpening on image even if 'sharpening' slider set at zero. In FRV you may try to use screen sharpening on (Menu - View - Screen sharpening, or 'S' key, or 'USM' button on bottom) to increase visual sharpness of image.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team