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Thank you for sharing the file.

The problem is related to overexposure detection method we use in FRV.

There are different 'histogram shapes' on different cameras/ISO values (see: ) so, for different cameras different OE detection methods should be used.

In RawDigger we provide user-adjustable options for that ( see Other/Underexposure section).

In FastRawViewer it is not adjustable to not overload already overloaded Preferences section. So, 'full-well capacity' method is always used.

This work fine for most 'usual' shots, but Color Checker shots with white patch(es) will provide histogram shape very similar to 'full-well' overexposure shape: small even white surface will make bell-like hump on histogram.

We plan to rework this piece in FRV 1.4 to provide some additional options.

It looks like we need some quick fix in coming 1.3.9 (e.g. hidden configuration option to switch from Full-well to histogram-limit option). We'll contact you when we'll have something to show (1.3.9-beta or release candidate)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team