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Dear Sir:

We managed to support 'histogram peak' OE detection in new FRV 1.3.9 beta:




This mode is implemeted via 'hidden settings' script. To apply it:

  • Use Menu - Help - Auxillary settings script to open folder with scripts
  • Close FRV after open this folder
  • On Windows: double-click OEDetectionHistogram.reg script and confirm twice your intention (on RegEdit run and on registry change)
  • On OS X: open Terminal window, drag to it than press Enter in Terminal window to run script
  • Run FRV again.

To restore standard setting use OEDetectionDefault.reg/.sh in the same way.

This 'Histogram mode' works better for shots like color checker target with white patches, but still not perfect. This is because FRV histogram bin width is 1/20EV (for speed), it may not be enough to catch narrow histogram peak.

For precise work we suggest to use RawDigger. RawDigger's histograms are precise (histogram bin width is exactly one level), so OE detection in histogram mode is much better.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team