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Dear Sir:

For reasons unknown, XMP:Rating=-1 (Reject) is used only by Adobe Bridge. Lightroom reject flag is internal to the Library mode, it is not imported from XMP neither it is exported to XMP files.

To match XMP Labels between FRV and Lightroom please check that you have the same XMP Label styles in both programs.

In Lightroom, Label style is set in Menu - Metadata - Color label set  (Adobe Bridge/Color labels/Review Status/Custom).

In FRV,  XMP Label style is set via Preferences - XMP - XMP Label style (Adobe Bridge/Lightroom Color Labels/Lightroom Review Status/Custom).

You may find useful

You can set XMP files to read-only access in FastRawViewer Preferences -> XMP pane, and check "Read Only XMP" – this turns on the mode where XMP files are read by FastRawViewer, the settings recorded in those files are applied, but files remain unchanged even if the presentation of the file on the screen is changed via FastRawViewer controls, please see under "XMP" for more details.

Shift-S and Shift-H are Shadows boost On/Off and Highlights inspection On/Off modes respectively, they are propriate to FastRawViewer and do not affect any tags that Lightroom knows. Those modes are inspection only.

Shift-A will be recorded as exposure (brightness) correction, but of course only if XMP files are not set to read-only in FastRawViewer.

For the files that are already imported to Lightroom external XMP files are ignored, unless the synchronization is triggered manually and explicitely: for example, to make Lightroom to read the new .xmp files one needs to select the files in the Lightroom Grid view (to select all files in the Grid view, you can use Ctrl-A), right-click on one of the selected files; and in the drop-down that appears choose Metadata -> Read Metadata from Files. Or it can be done with a single file by right-clicking on it; you will see 'Read Metadata from File', singular.