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Dear Sir:

Lightroom Metadata import (without previous Metadata export) with XMP files with only rating/label set (no processing options) will destroy all Develop settings (just checked with latest Lr/Windows).

So, the only option is always export XMP metadata from Lr before any change made by FRV. It can be done by

 - Select All files - Metadata - Save Metadata

 - or by using 'Automatically write changes into XMP' in Lr catalog settings (This option automatically saves any changes you make to a RAW file in Lightroom (basic adjustments, crop, B&W conversion, sharpening etc) into the XMP sidecar files that are saved right next to the original RAW files. For DNG files LR's XMP block will be saved within DNG file)

To avoid any changes to processing by (accidental) FRV edits,but still to be able to change ratings and labels, you may use these XMP settings:

 - Read Only XMP - unchecked

 - Adobe Compatible Exposure Contrast and WB - unchecked

 - Write Adobe-compatible Contrast/Blacks... - unchecked.

So, after changing rating/labels by FRV you may import it in Lr by 'Select All' - Metadata - Read metadata.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team