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Dear Sir:

To identify problem source, we need to determine is it 'Opt-Backspace' key combination, or Reject rating processing within FRV (it is slightly differ from other rating processing, because Reject need to be enabled in Preferences).

Could you please try with different key sequence assigned to Reject key. To do that:

1) make sure 'Use XMP reject' is enabled in Preferences (if disabled, FRV 1.4 will not allow key change).

2) Go to keyboard Shortcuts Editor (Command-K), open 'XMP Rating' tab and in 'Set rating to reject'

3) Press [+] button

4) Than press any (unused) key sequence in popup window.

This sequence will be assigned to 'XMP Reject' shortcut.

Close Shortcuts Editor with OK, and try this new keysequence with your file(s).

If it woks, the problem is 'Opt-Backspace' processing, you may try to re-assign it same way as described above (it recorded using real keycodes, so may work after re-assign)

If not, the problem is in Reject rating processing.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team