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No. I use two pieces of software that catch keystrokes (Keyboard Maestro & Typinator) but these both seem to be well-behaved and neither is triggered by an Alt+Backspace (I have no key triggers that use the backspace key).
It may interest you to learn that I had a similar problem with another piece of cross-platform software (Zerene Stacker -- a teriffic program) that uses an underlying Java engine (not sure if FRV does). The developer and I ran many tests with special versions of the program to find out what was going wrong with a single keyboard shortcut (Alt+S) that was being mysteriously swallowed (the KeyDown event on the second and subsequent presses). I even ran the program in 'Safe' mode on Mac OS using a temporary user account with NO other non-system software. Never found the problem. Although I solved the problem for myself with a Keyboard Maestro macro that ran a work-around the Developer decided to create a special trap for the key-press problem because he had started to receive similar reports from a small number of other Mac users.
Still, this may have nothing to do with my FRV problem. I have a MacBook Pro Late 2015, with 16HGb of memory and the dual GPUs. As far as I know I have nothing unusual on it (I use it mainly for text processing and photos). My system (and Java) is up to date.
Good wishes, Peter