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Hi first of all thanks for fast response, yes I understand the process use by the application and all the options, I just try to understand if there were an option to enable FRV to create a better preview with high resolution (and why not the minimum denoise like Camera Raw standard) with obviously cost of speed.
Maybe it will be a good feature for next version, thats because on some computer like the new fastest (i7 4ghz and R9 or better card) maybe the power can be enough to reach a better quality reamain enough fast to get the right process (like now that is maybe the best app).
If I think to acutal preview generation like a 50% of real pixel (I mean size of rendered image in pixel*pixel), it will be great to have some option like 66%, 75%, 88%, 100%, and another opion to enable a little noise (1 or more level).
Thanks for your support!