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1) New BETA of FRV (expected in several days) will allow to choose Adobe Process version for newly created XMP files (process version will not change if already specified in XMP file)

2) By default, Auto-exposure sets 1% of pixels to saturation. You may set this to 0% (for example) in Preferences->Image Display->Autoexposure sets... box.

Also, it may be useful for you to set 'Keep manual exposure correction for next file' setting  (in same Preferences section) to on. This setting is very useful if you work with image sequences shot with same exposure

3) Temperature/Tint are calculated using FRV's built-in color profile. It may differ from camera internal profile. Anyway, we'll investigate E520 case. Could you please provide some samples to work with (you may, for example, put files on Dropbox and send link via Contact page)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team