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Also, for 2)-nd question.
 Adobe products (LR, ACR) apply 'Hidden exposure correction' when processing RAW files (to compensate for the difference between camera lightmeter calibration and Adobe's implementation of ISO standard). Obviously, the value for this correction is different for different cameras (and, worse, different ISO setting). More, it is not always what the photographer wants; and on certain occasions it makes highlights to appear clipped.

To match FRV rendering with Adobe's you need to tune 'Adobe/FRV exposure difference' setting in Preferences-XMP section. Default value (1.0EV) works well with modern cameras (with lightmeter gray value about 4EV from saturation). For older cameras with less 'highlights headroom' you may need to decrease this value.

More on Adobe correction here:


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team