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I have put some pictures at for you. The original 'Crab' 140823_103042_E-520.ORF file (not one of my best pictures but it illustrates the point) which was taken at 4600K (being reported as 4360K/2) and the way it appears with different settings in FRV and Lightroom. It would be nice if I could set FRV so that the Auto exposure correction produced a result similar to the result from the Auto button in Lightroom.
I have also added an ORF of the garden taken at the 'Cloudy' setting which should be 6000K but is being reported as 5499K/-1
As for the 'hidden exposure correction', unless I have got totaly confused this makes no difference to what is produced by FRV but changes the way the image is displayed in Lightroom so that it can be adjusted to match what is seen in FRV. I was hoping for the reverse, that is to change what is seen in FRV to match what is seen in Lightroom, without changing the appearance in Lightroom.
Thanks again for your fast responce :-)