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One of the main reasons for using RAW is that, having all the data, you can effectively apply filtration during the processing. Filters are a big help if only taking JPGs but the filtration required varies constantly with depth. However, at the depths I often work at there is pretty much no red light left so filters are no help as you can't add what is not there. I get round this by using 2 strobes (powerful flash guns) to add the red back. Theoretically if I set my camera the the colour temperature of the strobes there should be no problems but in practice it is not that easy as colour is very subjective, particularly when recording pictures in an environment that is different from our usual one. It is like taking pictures in tungsten light. When we sit in a room with tungsten light everything looks fine, but take a picture with a camera that does not adjust to colour temperature like our eyes do and everything looks very yellow. The difference underwater is that we never see it in daylight, so we just adjust the images to what we imagine it would look like in daylight, and once achieved it looks natural, even though it is actually artificial.