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Thanks. I had not tried the B/W Movie curve. It never occurred to me that if would work in colour! It is a little better, but I am glad to hear you are considering other measures. Most of my diving is with SeaSearch. There is a bit about it on my page in the left column of the diving gallery section. This is basically a voluntary organisation that surveys areas and records the type of habitats and the life that is there. Photography is a great help to identification but, for example, last weekend I came back with over 300 pictures and while away I only have a rather slow notebook so software to help me rapidly sort the shots and show them to other divers at the time, while being limited to a slow computer is just what I need. Even better is that having done something with them while away, I won't have to do it all again when I get back to Lightroom. Keywording, when you get round to it, will be another fantastic help on top of all that :-)
If you want any more typical underwater RAW files just let me know. I will be happy to help your development in any way I can