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Something.. yes, not sure! o)
The thing is, you basically have no influence on when an UNC path is available after resume. I think it boils down to when windows re-enables the network interface or something. But I can say that it happens really quick, it's basically not noticeable if I take into account how other applications react. Once the computer is back from sleep I can start messing around with the network locations and any video stream or something is about to continue playing e.g.
The remote endpoint also does not fail, the network location I am accessing is available 24/7, the remote computer is only some meters away on the local network (Windows 2008 Server R2). I don't have problems with these kind of UNC paths in general. All my data is remote on this network location, if there was a general problem, I guess I'd have other applications crash as well - sooner or later o). But they all continue to work just fine after resume, even with files I kept open and "loaded" in Photoshop/ACR etc. e.g.
I will nonetheless try how FRV reacts on a different computer to get some more knowledge. Thank you! o)