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OK,  again no leaks for small number of files (but larger than raw cache size, so it goes out and in cache)

There are only two remaining suspects for high memory usage

 a) thumbnails

 b) file metadata

Standard thumnail pair (one for filmstrip, one for grid) is ~300kb unless you've increased thumbnail size in filmstrip/grid settings.

Thumbnail memory limit is 500Mb in standard settings (Preferences - Performance - Thumbnails), that is limit for formal thumbnail bytes count, real memory may be higher due to memory fragmentation.  You may try to decrease this setting.

Standard file metadata size is very small, several kilobytes per file, so standard limit for metadata cache (Preferences - Performance - Thumbnail cache - Metadata cache size, standard value is 10000) will not result in large memory usage.

If your files contains large XMP blocks or large XMP sidecars (generated by Adobe or other software), memory usage may be higher. Try to decrease Metadata cache size to lower value.

Also, if you're working with very large folders and use metadata sorting (e.g. sort by Exif date) or filtering (by date, or by rating/label), the metadata for all files in folder to be read.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team