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The Sony version of Capture 1 does not recognize the DNG files output by Monochrome2DNG and the response from Capture 1 was in essence 'too bad'.  I like C1 so I tried a workaround: I first ran the A7r(modified for monochrome visual spectrum) through Adobe DNG converter and then ran the output from the Adobe DNG converter through Monochrome2DNG.  Lastly, I imported the output from Monochrome2DNG into C1.  The files come in with a color cast but appear in proper gray when I check the black and white check box.  I do not see any grid at 400%. 
Now to the question.  Is there anything in my workflow that would adversely affects the output from Monochrome2DNG?  I don't see anything in C1 but I have not yet made a large print.

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