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Yes, I had envisaged the problem that you would not automatically know if the picture had been edited in Lightroom, which was why I had suggested the three options to be selected manually. However, after further thoughts on the subject, it might be worth having a temporary internal flag that is set if an XMP file is present, then when an image is closed an XMP file is written if there was not one to start with, when the Read/Not Save option was set. This would then ensure that if an image was opened a second time there would be a starting point based on all the changes made the first time round, but that no previous XMP was overwritten, so no data destroyed. The Neither Read or Save option would still not save under any circumstances, and so would stop unwanted XMP files being written at any point. The option might then be better named Read/Not over-write.
Another tweak that you could apply connected with this is the A key, not just toggling between, Exposure correction or not, but to have 3 options, Nothing, Exposure correction read from existing XMP, exposure correction with current FRV adjustments