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Things *already* too complex with XMP WB/Exposure handling (because FRV stores own WB/exposure data in XMP, not only Adobe's format).

Separate settings for Ignore, Read, Read and Write are simple enough for average user.

If we will set 'some internal flag' for session time, FRV's behaviour will change for different session pattern (Open file - go to next - return to previous will be differ from 'open file, close program, open file again).

If we will keep this flag in XMP file, it will be out of sync if we open file in FRV, close FRV, open file in Adobe, adjust, close, open file in FRV.

So, separate settings for 'read adobe's data/ write adobe-compatible data' is simple and unerstandable enough. Anything more complex is too complex for average user (and for FRV developers).

Sidenote: generally it is possible to have *four* different set of Exposure/WB settings. Two in XMP sidecar file (in FRV format and in Adobe format), an two in XMP block embedded in RAW file.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team