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Yes, I use FastStone and that method is fine, and similar to Lightroom. However, your Quick Zoom modes are not as accurate as FastStone at centring the zoom view on the point that was clicked, and neither have the ability that Lightroom has to zoom on a short click and remain there until another short click returns it to normal (so you can actually let go of the mouse and it still be zoomed and also drag it around) in addition to the click and pan with it returning to normal on releasing. As you are aiming for a close link with Lightroom perhaps you should try to emulate that, as having different ways to approach a task, depending which software you currently using is counter intuitive.
However, Using Google Earth quite a bit I am also used to zooming in on a point, as I was suggesting, and I think this beats them all.
Currently I am using the scroll wheel to control zoom and Left click to zoom and pan (using it to just pan as well). This is slightly strange, but works reasonably well, but would be better if the zoom only kicked in when the image was fitted to window or smaller. If it was bigger you can assume it has already been zoomed sufficiently and that you just want to drag it around (so combining 2 operations in one click).
However, we must not forget that the big advantage and aim of this software is that it is a FAST raw viewer and if by implementing all these ideas it becomes a SLOW raw viewer it will no longer stand out as there are already plenty of those.