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Dear Sir:

Please use Menu –> File –> "Clear _Rejected folder" instead. The reasons why we don't alloto use "Trash" directly are stated on the page 36 of the Manual:

FastRawViewer doesn’t allow one to delete files directly from the current folder.

This is intentional, and exists to ensure that no shots are accidentally deleted:

• There are many situations when the system “trashbin” can’t be used (removable drives, network folders and drives); also, in certain cases the operational system may delete part of the content of the system trashbin (for example, when the size of the trashbin is over the limit) without even requesting confirmation from the user.

• Flash cards and card readers are prone to hardware malfunctions, and moving a file into a subfolder is the safest file operation.

To delete files, after you are sure nothing is in to the _Rejected folder, which shouldn’t be (the _Rejected folder can be browsed with FastRawViewer as any folder), you can use the Clear _Rejected Folder operation

For your convenience, the Manual (pdf) comes with the installation and is accessible through main FastRawViewer Menu - Help - "PDF Manual"), or you can download it separately from our Download page, )