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Thanks for responding.
I have been using computers for well over 30 years and I dont recall a software program that does not allow the user to delete files (almost always asking to confirm).
This is the first program I use with permanent training wheels.
You are doing an excellent job at protecting the user from themselves, but I believe the user should have a choice (and be responsible for it).
Besides now that I know I will automatically go and "Clear Rejected Files" with topping it all up the annoying "are you sure" EVERY time??? Is that supposed to scame me or stop me from doing it?
I hate to have files lingering in subfolders (that I may not visit) and taking precious space.
I believe the programmer should give the users more credit for their actions. Make it a choice, whatever, but give the grown-ups a choice.
Let US decide!
Other than that you have an excellent program, congratulations!
Thank you.