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Dear Sir:

Thank you for being our customer, and for your kind words.

> I am seeing load times of about 1/2 second between images

The very first question is, as always, what camera is it ;)

If you used Windows update to get the fresh driver, it may be not good enough. Please check the links on under "If Your Browsing Speed is Low, or You are Experiencing Graphics Issues".

Next, please try switching to OpenGL: FastRawViewer Preferences -> GPU Processing -> Graphics Engine, and select "OpenGL" in the corresponding drop-down.

If that doesn't help, please send us debug log and a sample raw file.

For Debug log:
1) Set FastRawViewer Preferences -> Other -> Debug log messages to "All"
2) Restart FastRawViewer (we need startup log messages as well)
3) Open some image, than browse next 5-6 images using spacebar
4) Menu -> Help -> Debug log -> Save to File and e-mail this file to

The procedure is described on page 112 of the FastRawViewer Manual. For your convenience, the Manual (pdf) comes with the installation and is accessible through main FastRawViewer Menu - Help - "PDF Manual", or you can download it separately from our Download page,

Debug log will show detailed timing for internal steps, so that we will see if there is any specific problem.

You can upload a sample raw file to some file sharing service (some of the "free" ones are Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer) and e-mail the link to it to

> On the filmstrip it is hard for me to see which image is the currently selected image.

Could you please try FastRawViewer Preferences -> Interface -> "Selected / active files contrast" slider. This slider affects both the current file and selected files.

Another setting that might be useful is:
FastRawViewer Preferences -> Interface -> Selected files background (note: current file is not necessarily the selected file, this setting affect selected files only)

More detailed descriptions are on page 125 of the Manual.

> a way to configure FRV to keep looping through the images in the input folder
You may find "Open first file in folder" shortcut somewhat helpfu (page 175 of the Manual)l:
Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Left arrow
OS X: ⇧⌘←
There is also a shortcut for the last file in the folder.

> The shortcut for remembering/enabling the filter is useful.
Saving/recalling named filters looks like a good idea, we will see what we can do without significant interface changes. Maybe just a drop-down with saved filters and only two hotkeys (next/prev filter from saved set)? Another question is timestamp filters: should we remember/recall exact date ranges, or 'date shortcuts' (today, yesterday, etc).