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Thanks for the quick reply.
I am using the driver directly from NVIDIA (not windows update) and had done a full reboot.
I have tried most (if not all) of the GPU combinations including OpenGL.  I am not seeing big speed changes with most of them (I always quit and restart FRV between changes), the best combination I have found is DirectX 11, Bicubic, None.  OpenGL speeds are almost identical to DirectX 11 for me.
I was testing with both Sony ARW files from a RX10M4 and Canon CR2 files from a 7DM2. I also downloaded some RW/JPG pairs from a Sony A7RIII since that camera is in my immediate future and wanted to see the speed impact on the larger files.
The speed on the first two are about the same, the A7RII files are taking twice as long, which seems pretty good, since the RAW files are 80MB instead of around 20MB of the other cameras.
I have emailed the log files to (along with a link to this thread)
Again, thanks for having a look at this.  Everything may be normal, or something else on my system is causing it to run a little slower than the other viewer application.
As far as the other items...
I have played with the "Selected / active files contrast" slider and if I set it high, it does help with the filmstrip.  However at the same time it makes the backgrounds in the Grid view so light it displeasing to my eyes.
As you mention the "Selected files background" has no effect for the currently opened file in the viewer (unless it also happens to be selected.)
So at this point it seems my options are too set the contrast higher for both filmstrip and grid, or just live with it the way it is.
As far as the "looping" I am using the "Open first file in folder" shortcut and it is better than nothing.  However it still slows down the process.  One issue is that if I have several similar images and I reach the end, keep pushing the spacebar, nothing happens.  It does not beep or alert me in any way.  In my tests I has a set of photos shot using the cameras continuous shutter mode that I was not sure if I was at the last file or not.  Since it is hard to see on the filmstrip, I need to look at the image count in the bottom bar to be sure.  I don't want to have to keep checking there.  I think the ability to cycle from the start (perhaps with a beep, as one of your competitors does) would be a great added option that I would hope would require very much in the way of changes to the application.  No nothing about how FRV is coded, I would think that it would not require any changes in the GUI other than an option checkbox and when activated, a reset to the array where the photo list is stored (just guessing).
In regard to the filters, I always think more options are best.  My usage does not use the dates, simply the XMP label values.  As soon as I get the file from the camera I process them and everything is "gone"" when I am done. However, I would think that the option of date ranges would be useful for some workflows.  I would think that hard coded dates would not likely be as useful.