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Dear Sir:

thank you for the log files. What we see (on Sony A7R-III but picture is the same for all cameras) for 'Next file' called:

- RAW is prefetched, so about 60msec for RAW processing (as expected);

- (external) JPEG decode takes about 250msec (this is normal for 40Mp JPEG)

- prepared-for-display RAW data upload to GPU takes about 400 msec (this is way too much).

So, our suggestions:

I. Graphics settings:

1. OpenGL mode should be much faster on your videocard (at least, it is so on my PC with same NVidia GTX 1080). Switch to it and restart FRV.  Also, please make sure your videocard uses at least 8x PCI-e connection (right click on desktop, NVidia Control Panel, Menu - Help - System Information; scroll to Bus line, it should be PCI Express x8 or x16 Gen3 (if less xN or Gen2, than your system is limited to graphics card connection).

2. Faster settings:  Image Resampling either Bicubic or No resampling, Downsampling: None. All other settings will use dual RGB presentation uploaded to GPU, one for display, one for Edge/Details focus peaking.

3. It looks like you turned off [ ] Store compiled GPU programs (shaders). Nothing bad, but it slows down FRV startup

II. JPEG Handling

If you do not use JPEG view(s), but only RAW view, you can save about 250msec on each file by:

External JPEG: Preferences - RAW+JPEG - Handle Raw+jpeg box - uncheck Decode and Show external JPEGS

Embedded JPEG: check [] Ignore internal JPEGs on same Preferences page.

With these settings, RAW+JPEG pairing will continue to work for file copy-move-move to _Rejected, but embedded and associated JPEG files will not be decoded, resulting in faster file display time (about 250ms save for 40Mp files). Alone JPEGs will continue to work OK.

III Other requests

1. Current file outline: looks like you want separate control for current (but not selected) file. OK, recorded in TODO (will play with wider and/or more contrast border line for current file to not change existing controls).

2. Custom behaviour on last/first file in Filmstrip (Just Stop, Beep, Loop): Also recorded in TODO, but will require many minor internals change (for example: if Loop selected, then RAW Prefetch logic should prefetch first files in folder instead of nothing).

3. Save/recall filters: we need some internal discussion on it, because Timestamp range filters are not as simple as it visible. Also in TODO, but do not expect it in nearest releases.

P.S. We're working on massive FRV file display speed update right now (by moving RAW processing to GPU and by more flexible JPEG handling), but it is not yet ready for public testing. Hope, we'll start public beta tests this June, please monitor the Blog section on this site (we may notify you by E-mail if you're interested)



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team