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1. OpenGL vs DirectX:

I use same Nvidia 1080 GTX card (but PCIe x8, not x16, because another wide PCIe slot is used by  other card). My computer is Intel i7-7700k running latest Windows 10 1803, video drivers are 397.64 (not sure the latest one, but updated in mid-May).

I've just run lot of tests for FRV graphics performance. In my case, OpenGL mode is ~30msec faster than DirectX (both 9 and 11) while displaying 40Mpix RAW images (Sony A7R-II). It should be even faster for full-size JPEGs because JPEGs use more data to transfer to GPU.

Unfortunately, this performance gain is very small compared to current  FRV JPEG handling:

2. JPEGs:

In current FRV versions, JPEGs are prefetched in compressed form (to save used RAM amount) and decoded when user presses 'go to next file' key. So,  user need to wait for JPEG decode (it is about 150 msec for 40Mpix JPEG on my computer described above, so about 50% of full RAW+JPEG processing time if RAW data is already prefetched and decoded).

We're working on more flexible handling options for next FRV version: 

 а) decode on prefetch (it will use much more memory, but may be not an issue for today workstations with 32-64-... GB of RAM)

 b) decode on demand if default image to display is RAW and JPEGs are rarely used (not your case because you use JPEG as primary display option).

Hope, we'll publish 'Technology preview' with this feature in ~2 weeks or so.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team