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Dear Sir:

thank you for your feedback.

1) Unfortunately, there was a small error in External JPEGs/On-demand handling, that prevents it to work properly in some (not all) conditions, it really worked as before.  Just fixed in new build (see link below).

2) 6Gb per 20  (standard JPEG cache size) 40-Mpix files is expected RAM amount. (320Mb per 40Mpix RGBA x 20 = 6400).

3) Our new GPU-based demosaic is better in acutance than older (CPU-based) one. RAW rendering is not sharpened by default, so it will look not as sharp as out-of-camera JPEG, but you can use Preferences - Sharpening - Sharpen RAW files only setting to use screen sharpening only for RAWs.

We just published FRV 1.4.7-release candidate:

In this version GPU RAW Processing (including new/better demosaic for Bayer images) is turned on by default, so no need to use Alt-G hotkey to switch it on as it was in Technical Preview versions.

If new demosaic method is OK for you (with or without screen sharpening), you may switch Preferences - RAW+JPEG - default image to display back to (default) RAW value and External JPEGs decode priority to On demand. This will result in even faster image browsing and less CPU/Memory usage, because only RAW representation will be decoded in most cases (until you press J key to switch to JPEG).


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team