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Yes, curves are global (and predictable).

Generally, curves are changed by purpose:

  • Standard curves (gamma, sRGB, Adobe Linear) for technical analysis. So, flat image. Very useful
  • Contrast curves to quick show 'final' image to client/model (e.g. in studio)
  • (new) very contrast curves to examine very low contrast underwater images (many landscape shots looks fine too).

Several beta-testers asked interface to quick change contrast curves. We did it (several days ago). I agree, if we provide interface to change curve, we need to store it to XMP (for later re-use in FRV) and translate this settings to Adobe programs. It looks useful: if I change something in FRV, I definitely do not like to re-do it in Lightroom. We'll do it too, but definitely not in this development cycle, please wait.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team