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I don't think this is practically a problem, for me at any rate, as I can't see me wanting to use the option other than in Lightroom (and rarely there!). 
I see FRV as a relatively crude (but exceedingly useful) means to sort pictures on site on a slow computer. The main need is to be able to view and assess the pictures, which it already does better than anything else on a slow computer (the underwater profile you mentioned would make this even better). The rating ability is helpful to a degree to sort the best from the worst, though I don't see me using it that much. The reject button will be the main one used. I do use colours simply to group pictures from each dive together. The colours have no significance, I just use a different colour from the last dive so I can see the division between them easily. I keep each trip in a separate folder and a weekend usually has 4 dives so I have 4 colours. When I get them into Lightroom I select a colour in the folder and add a GPS possition to them all in the map module. On longer trips with more dives than colours, I can quickly use 'lft click' then 'space + lft click' to select one section of colour, without having to look at EXIF time to split them. 
I will often pick other peoples brains, on site, as to what some of the creatures are, and to be able to keyword the image with the name, rather than write the image number and ID on  a piece of paper so I can keyword it when I get back to Lightroom, would be great (and I can also do keywording of things I know if I have spare time, speeding things up when I get home). The only other thing that I can think of that could be useful would be the ability to export an image to email or to post it in one of the closed user groups for ID on facebook. However, this would not be done very often so on those occasions it would not be too much of a hardship to use a program such as FastStone (even though that is not as good as FVR for most of my other needs) should it be adding too much complexity to FVR (somrthing to avoid at all costs).