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Dear Sir:

1st: Most raw converters (including Lr) apply some sharpening on processed images as a default. FRV does not do it by default, but provides (optional) screen sharpening via 'S' key or Menu-View-Screen sharpening (two presets are tunable via Preferences - Sharpening).

2nd: RAW processing is always balance between speed and quality (including visual acutance). In FRV we use fastest possible method.

In coming FRV 1.4.7 we added second (better) demosaic method implemented on videocard (GPU).

Please try this new version (now in Release Candidate):

In this version, new demosaic method is turned on by default for modern CPUs (Intel Ivy Bridge and later) and should be enabled manually by Preferences - GPU Processing - Process RAW data on GPU for older CPUs.

To better match full-scale raw converters, we suggest to use this new demosaic together with screen sharpening mentioned above.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team