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I have now installed the DX9 version on both computers and they now both shut down FRV successfully when the computers go to sleep. It may be my imagination, but I also think that the quality of the image display is slightly better with this version, and this is on both machines, so it would seem to be software rather than hardware giving that improvement.

A point of interest is that the notebook uses the AMD Radion HD 6310M Which you list recommends the Open Gl version for, though my desktop uses the Intel HD Graphics 4000 for which you recommend the DirectX version.

While examining the images a bit more critically, I notice that the bottom bar is being squeezed a little too much to fit on a 1280 x 1024 display, and the text looks a bit big compared to modern software as well. I think it would look better on both counts using a font one size smaller. However, if you want to keep the same size, there is a small empty box on the extreme right that could be removed to allow a bit more space.