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I do not agree, that FRV should be used only on location with slow computer.

Just tested: on my desktop (CPU: i7-4770, 32GB RAM, fast storage) Lightroom tooks 3-5 seconds to build 1:1 preview (sligtly faster in batch preview creation mode) of 36Mpix Sony A7r RAW.

So, if I need to inspect yesterday session with, for exampe, 1000 shots, I'll either will wait about 1 hour for batch preview builds, or will waste 1-1.5 hours waiting for 'Loading...' Lightroom message. Sure, Lightroom caches 1:1 previews, so if I'll revisit same file it will be displayed much faster.

FRV shows these files at 6 frames per second on same hardware, so for 1000 shot I need only ~3 minutes (plus time for image inspection).

So, FRV targets initial sorting of frames shot, regardless of computer used (slow laptop on location or high-speed desktop at home/work). We're fighting against these 3-5 seconds (on high-end desktop) or ever 10-15 seconds (on slow laptops) for the frames you'll never see again (because 80-90-99% of all frames shot are crap).

So we provide tool for  a) fast RAW display  and b) fast technical analysis to drop crap frames by formal features (right exposure, right focus). All non-rejected frames may be imported in lightroom, previews generated (you'll save 80-99% of wasted time) and processed in usual way.

We need to target slow laptops without a doubt. But FRV shines on fast computers too.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team