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Dear Sir:

FastRawViewer de-initializes all graphic resources used when going to sleep/hibernate, then re-initializes it again on awake (the same way as on program startup). For some(unknown) reason, this re-initialization fails in your case. It may be caused because graphics hardware is not properly initialized just after awake (for example, software DirectX renderer is active before full graphics card awake).

Ways to solve:

 -use setting: Preferences - GPU Processing - Exit program on OS Sleep/Suspend

  this will close FRV just before sleep/hibernate event.

 - we may try to implement some GPU initialization delay after awake. To do that, please create full debug log for FRV start - image display - hibernate - awake - failure message and send it to us (

  To enable log use:

     Preferences - Other - Debug log messages - All

     Preferences - Other - Save debug log to file: Yes, remove on quit

  And use Menu - Help - Show debug log in Explorer to get the log file



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team