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To add a little to what Alex already said and address your first observation from a somewhat different angle:

Looking at the nef with RawDigger, the white patch of CC24 is exposed to the level of 5282 out of maximum 16383, that is log2(16383/5282), that is ~1.6EV below maximum. With cr2, the level on the same patch is 6345 out of the maximum (as defined in Makernotes tag 0x02d0, the one Adobe are using to calculate the brightness compensation) of 12279; which is ~0.95 stops below maximum. The difference is log2(16383/5282) - log2(12279/6345) = 0.68 EV, as you observed.

You can also see that the shutter speed is different between the shots, 1/50 vs. 1/40. This alone is 1/3 EV difference. Another factor is that ISO 100 on 7DMk2 is achieved through the shift of the exposure meter by close to half a stop (the base ISO is close to 130 for this camera). Effectively, from the point of view of the regular in-camera metering, the shot is 0.4 EV overexposed, which makes it brighter.

PS. BTW, we checked and it seems that the Canon file you linked to is from 7D original, Mark I, not Mark II.