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File handling code in FastRawViewer is much more complex (destination resolving to ask user 'overwrite-skip-create other filename',  undo lists, file checksum comparison after copy, etc,etc,etc).

Also, there are some non-trivial things, if we consider not your specific case, but generally the implementation of this function. For example: files in same folders are always at same 'mount point' (or volume), so internal FRV code does not need to check 'is this move cross-volume or not' for each file, when several files are moved, it is the same for all moved files. That is not true if source files are placed in different folders. Adding such check for each file will result in either slow down of all moves (if such check is performed for all files moved, not only for 1st one), or in additional program complexity (if one wants to cache cross-volume check results  per-folder).

Thus, the proposed change is definitely not low impact, it requires a lot of testing, corner case creation, etc, etc.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team