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  • if you've moved the last (and only) file to _Rejected/_Selected
  • than used undo to move it back,
  • the file is restored in the filmstrip, but no way to _Reject/_Select it again until switching between grid view and single image view mode.

Not confirmed:

  • the last file in a folder can't be moved to _Rejected (or _Selected) using shortcuts

If you're experiencing problems with just move (without undo), could you please:

 1) Goto to Preferences - Other and change settings:

    Debug log messages: All

    Save Debug log to file:  Yes, remove on quit

 2) Reproduce the problem

 3) Go to Menu - Help - Show debug log in Explorer (Windows)/Reveal debug log in Finder (Mac)

 4) Send the log to with comment 'tried to delete FILENAME, but failed'


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team