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Dear Sir:

"Move current file to _Rejected subfolder" shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Del(Windows) ⇧⌘⌫ (Shift+Command+Delete, MacOS)
To change the shortcut, or to assign an additional shortcut, please use Shortcut Editor (FastRawViewer Manual, "Setting the Keyboard Shortcuts", page 189)

For your convenience, FastRawViewer Manual comes with the installation (main Menu - Help - "PDF Manual") and is fully searchable. You can also download it separately from - direct link is

For this to work with global folder for rejected files, please make sure that "Use global rejected files folder" is checked (FastRawViewer Preferences - "File Handling" - "Copy/Move/Reject" section.

To start Shortcut editor, please press Ctrl+K (Windows) ⌘K (Command+K, MacOS)