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Dear Sir:

FastRawViewer allows up to 3 programs to be used as external processors, please see Preferences -> External programs section. You can point to Lightroom, and press 'R' (or some other shortcut you programmed in Keyboard Shortcuts, press 'F1' in FastRawViewer to see the currently assigned ones) to pass the image to Lightroom.

Our own workflow is different, most of the times we browse through the raw files with FastRawViewer as the very first step (I do it right from the memory card), set white balance and exposure correction (orientation too, if needed) for keepers and while still in FastRawViewer, move the keepers to some folder (please see 'M' and 'Shift-M' shortcuts). Alternatively, you can move the un-wanted files to '_Rejected' sub-folder. Next, import the folder into Lightroom, and all the adjustments to exposure correction, white balance, and orientation you've made during the session in FastRawViewer will be picked up by Lightroom along with importing the raw files.

To keep things faster, FastRawViewer offers Propagation mode. In this mode the settings you've made to the current file will be automatically applied to the next file you open in FastRawViewer - that includes same basic three: white balance, exposure correction, and orientation. The Propagation mode is described in the Manual and in Tips.