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I too am new to FastRawViewer.  I"ve used Lightroom (on my Macbook Pro) for years and as my volume has been increasing I'd love to decrease my initial review time.  My goal is to review images in FRV off my SD card to rate them (for at least my initial pass) and to avoid importing any photos that will only need to be deleted into Lightroom.  I shoot Nikon, but have been in the habit of copying my files into Lightroom as DNG in order to allow me to validate them periodically.
I must have a flaw in my workflow and I'm trying to find it.  After reviewing, rating and moving unwanted files to a reject file, I open Lightroom to import by copying as DNG and moving the files to an external hard drive (and an archive drive as backup).  I do not include subfolders (so I don't the rejects don't sneak into LR!), but when the dng files get to Lightroom there is no sign of the ratings I've given the files.  I tried just copying the files (as NEF instead of DNG), but I've gotten the same results--no ratings.  For the record, I do have the "Forced XMP files creation" option checked under XMP preferences.
I welcome any suggestions because I'd really like to figure out how to integrate FastRawViewer into my workflow!  Thanks!

Terri Burke
Catch a Spark Photography