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Lightroom for some reason does not expect XMP files on a CF/SD/any memory card, if they are present it simply ignores them.

I use 2-stage workflow.

First, I browse a memory card with FastRawViewer to copy all files I consider to be candidates to a hard drive. (In any case, I do not approve of the idea of writing to a memory card, as any disconnect or some other malfunction can ruin the card with unpredicted time to restore files there; and full success is not guaranteed).

Second, I browse the hard drive folder with candidates and do the adjustments, labels, and ratings, thus creating the XMP files and rejecting those raw files that are not keepers.

If the files are already imported into Lighroom, you may need to refresh the metadata records. One of the ways to do it is to select the files in the Lightroom Grid view (to select all files in the Grid view, you can use Ctrl-A), right-click on one of the selected files; and in the drop-down that appears choose Metadata -> Read Metadata from Files. You can do it with a single file too by right-clicking on it; you will see 'Read Metadata from File', singular.

We have a pdf with our suggested workflow available from the home page, scroll down a little or use the direct link:

Also, you can watch our videos, - the one that covers the workflow is , and the transcript  for it is at