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As I started with FRV approx. a year ago everything worked as it should. It means:
- I made my exposure + WB corrections in FRV
- FRV wrote it into XMP
- I imported my NEFs into LR
- LR read XMPs and displayed the images with corrections applied in FRV
I learned to love FRV, it is the fastest culling- and basic-corrections-tool I know. I used it extensively and without any problems until the autumn 2015.
In October 2015 I had to suspend temporarily all my postprocessing work due to a long overseas trip.  Now, a couple of months later, is my FRV updated (v 1.2.4) as well as LR (CC 2015.4) and things have changed:
- when I pass the image (NEF) from FRV to PS [short cut 'R'], ACR 9.4 reads the corresponding XMP and displays the image with exposure and WB corrections applied in FRV (as it should),
- but LR ignores all exposure and WB corrections written into XMP by FRV, however - funnily enough - it reads and displays labels set in FRV
What is running wrong? Can somebody help me?