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Just checked with latest Lightroom (2015.4) and Nikon D7100 file:

1st: FRV: Preferences - XMP tab:

  - Use XMP for Raw files - checked

  - Read-only XMP - unchecked

  - Adobe compatible exposure... - checked.

Image WB/Exposure adjusted in FRV

2a: Image is not in Lightroom catalog:

  - at Import, Lightroom reads XMP sidecars and applies WB/Exposure if import is made from harddrive

For unknown reason, latest Lightroom ignores .XMP files from memory cards (and other removable storage??)

2b: Image is already in Lr catalog, than XMP sidecar is changed by FRV:

 - you need to select your image (or all images) in Lr catalog and use Menu - Metadata - Read metadata from file to update Lr catalog metadata for rating/label/WB exposure.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team