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Sorry for not getting back sooner, but never got notification about your reply.
Although you have given a nice explanation of why I'm having this "issue," I have the feeling (not sure, though) that this issue arose when I first loaded FRV and in its setup, I chose to have it open RAW files.  I naively think that if I could undo this selection (perhaps somewhere within FRV,) problem solved??? 
However, let me ask if I do this:
"Also, you may dis-associate your RAWs from FastRawViewer using standard windows tools. In that case

  • FastRawViewer will not start on double click on raw file

But standard Windows Explorer behaviour will return"
1. How do I dis-associate? Sorry, just don't know how to do this in Windows.
2. Once dis-associating, how do I get a RAW file to open in FRV?
Thanks for your help.