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Dear Sir:

> 1: Could you put a settings option for LR short key compatability?

Yes, we will have this in near future.

> 2: can you give me a way to export/import settings so I can easily keep my laptop/desktop config/options aligned

In 'Keyboard shortcuts editor' please use 'Save' on one machine and 'Load' on the other one. The settings you've made for the shortcuts will be saved on the first machine, and you can transfer the settings file to another one and load the settings there, keeping settings in sync this way.

> 3: if you added the adobe pick flag

This is an internal flag for Lightroom catalogue, it is not read from XMP; and thus, unfortunately, we can't implement it.

> 4: if you reject the RAW does it reject the JPG as well?

It is implemented this way, yes.