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FRV do not alter RAW files in any way, RAW-files are opened in read-only mode.

So, for DNG files (and other formats with possible embedded XMP)

   - XMP data are read from DNG (if no sidecar file present)

   - if metadata is altered, separate sidecar XMP file is created with all data readed from DNG plus altered values (rating, label, exposure, WB)

Adobe products (Bridge, Camera RAW, Lightroom) works fine with this behaviour: sidecar file is preferred over embedded XMP, when you change something, than XMP file is imported into DNG (and xmp sidecar file deleted after that).

2. With default FRV settings, if RAW+JPEG files are present, the embedded thumbnail is ignored and 'J' key switches between RAW (indicated as R in the bottom bar) and external JPEG (indicated as J). You can change this in Preferences-RAW+JPEG pane



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team