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Great to see all fothe new program features.  For the file renaming feature, have you considered a unique token that operates similarily to the one used by Breeze Systems Downloader Pro?  It is a great solution if you shoot bursts of images that might containt the same HHMMSS data in cameras that do not produce sub seconds.  Teh feature is designed to look at the data and then, at the user's choice, either give a unique token so no two file names are identical based on the other tokens, or it can default to giving a token to all of the files in a series (e.g. the first one may have 01 added, and then 02 to the second, etc.).  The token is nice in that it can be programmed either way  - to add onloy when needed or to always add starting with 01 even if there is no 02.  This is explained in detail in the Downloader Pro manual on page 67 (Uniqueness Numbers) if you wish to better understand the feature.

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